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Social Media Marketing

If you're seeking a strategic approach to your social media strategy, look no further. IT Company is your answer. With social media marketing services, you can boost engagement and accelerate growth. 

  • Personalized Hash tags & content creation
  • Posting and scheduling regular posts
  • Building your brand with a loyal customer community

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Organic Growth!

IT Company Pakistan has maintained high standards in order to provide the best social media marketing services. IT Company Pakistan 's in-house SMM experts are well qualified in managing campaigns for various social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they understand the importance and power of social media in today's society.

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Make your content unique for each social media profile

  • You will have a personalised post design with your log.
  • Content creation as per your brand's related.
  • Management and upkeep of social media profiles.
  • Emojis, hashtags, page tags, and GIFs may all be used to spice up your postings.
  • Twitter: posting, scheduling, video, images, and reporting on tweets' progress.
social media
Social Media Marketing

Streamline social media operations and delivery

  • Our solution helps businesses socialise with one look and feel.
  • Every day, our service is guaranteed to save you time.
  • A simple, smart, and proven way to boost your work performance.

Monitor engagement across all your social media platforms.

  • We will schedule your post according to the traffic on your page.
  • Engage your audience actively
  • Create a loyal following for your brand
  • Upload media to post
  • All social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a consistent look and feel.
Brand Building
High Visibility

Performance of brand monitoring and analytics

  • You can increase conversions.
  • Develop a devoted following for your brand.
  • Improved brand awareness among your protentional customers.
  • We can share an analytics report at every month's end where you can see the increases in all of your postings.
  • Calendar is used to manage schedules.
  • It will assist you in controlling your audience and achieving your goals.

Analytics performance

  • You can see how it works and increases in all of your postings
  • Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios
  • Manage schedules with Calendar
  • It will assist you in controlling your audiences and achieving your goals
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Looking for FREE DIY Social Media Marketing Tool?

With our #1 Marketing Platform for Social Network tool, manage post and automation on social networks.

Managed File Transfer
(When you pay annually)


  • Image Design with company logo
  • Post image on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • 4 Post Monthly (1 per week)
  • Content creation
  • SEO based Hashtag keywords
  • 1 Post Boost/Month
  • 2 Post Sharing
  • Brand Scaling
  • Profile Setup & Integration
  • Schedule Posts
  • Page Evaluation
Rs.72,000.00 Monthly
(When you pay annually)


  • Customized Image Design
  • Post image on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • 8 Post Monthly (2 per week)
  • Content creation
  • SEO based Hashtag keywords
  • Affiliate/External Links
  • 2 Post Boost/Month
  • Audience Engagement
  • 4 Post Sharing
  • Brand Scaling
  • Profile Setup & Integration
  • Page Optimization
  • Schedule Posts
  • Page Evaluation
Rs.192,000.00 Monthly
(When you pay annually)


  • Professional Image Design
  • Post image on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • 20 Post Monthly (5 per week)
  • Content creation
  • SEO based Hashtag keywords
  • Affiliate/External Links
  • 4 Post Boost/Month
  • Audience Engagement
  • 8 Post Sharing
  • Brand Scaling
  • Customized Tags
  • Profile Setup & Integration
  • Page Optimization
  • Schedule Posts
  • Page Evaluation
  • Consultation

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Social Media Marketing with IT Company Pakistan

We at IT Company Pakistan endeavour to give outstanding service to all of our social media marketing clients by providing the following:

  • A dedicated account manager, who understands business and social media, to serve as your guide.
  • You can see in all your posts how it works and what it does increase. It will help you control your audience and target.
  • A support team comprising an analyst, a graphic designer, and a devoted professional copywriter who will be working on your social media design.
  • Low-risk contracts and value for money

What is the purpose of a social media management tool?

Social media management tools allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from a one spot, allowing you to save time and effort. Scheduling articles, monitoring comments and messages, and tracking social networking mentions are among of the most typical functions they provide.

Is there a free tool that can assist us with our social media marketing?

IT Company Pakistan is offering free social media management tool plan which is easy to install and use. You can post up to multiple posts per month to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What is Engagement Rate or ER?

Once we get started on your web marketing plan we will report monthly exactly what we are doing and what effect our tasks have on the placement of your web on the search engine return page. We will also consult with you regularly on what we are doing to improve your placement and offer recommendations that might help generate more quality leads for your company.

What is Web Marketing through Email?

Engagement Rate illustrates the level of engagement with content published by a given page or profile. It is calculated using the sum of interactions divided by the number of fans or followers. It is then multiplied by one hundred to produce the result in a friendly format (fewer zeroes).

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

Our Social media management tool is absolutely free of any cost and you can perform social media marketing activities and managing your social media handles absolutely free!

Will My Instagram Posts be Automatically Shared to Facebook?

No, your Instagram posts won’t be automatically shared to Facebook. But If you’d like your posts to be published to Facebook, you can schedule them to both profiles at once with our Free Social Media Management Tool! See how to schedule a post to multiple social profiles.

Note: Even if your Instagram is set up to automatically push posts to your Facebook, this feature won’t work when Auto Publishing. This is a limitation set by Instagram. 

Note: If you’re using notification publishing, you can choose to share your post to a connected Facebook before publishing in the Instagram app.

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