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Facebook Ads – Drive More Traffic, More Leads

Facebook enables companies to connect with various active consumers who are most interested in your goods, services, or company thanks to its daily user base of over 1 billion users. IT Company Pakistan can help create a social network account that generates sales and income.

Drive In-Store Sales
Promote your Website or App
Modern Marketing Strategies

Result-Driven, Revenue-Generating Facebook Ads Management

Running advertisements profitably is not simple anymore as more marketers rush to Facebook. The decline in organic reach compels more businesses to turn to sponsored marketing. This is where we step in. Our primary goal is to maximise the return on your advertising investment for you. Our Facebook Advertisements Management Team is an expert on the system and knows the type of content needed to produce scroll-stopping ads that work. We can thus assist in developing and managing a Facebook Ads campaign to achieve your sales goals, whether you are an online brand trying to expand your customer list and boost sales or a service company looking to generate leads.

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Armed with Powerful, Effective Features

Facebook Ads use complex data to pinpoint your ideal audience, bringing in high-quality traffic, producing quality leads, and boosting online sales.

Targetted Ads
Targetted Ads
Customized Ads
Customized Ads
Engaging Ads
Engaging Ads
Creative Content
Creative Content
Detailed Analytics
Detailed Facebook Ad Analytics
 Report Generation
Report Generation
Boost Traffic & Sales
Boost Traffic & Sales
Keyword Research
Keyword Research
Ads Optimization
Ads Optimization

Make Facebook Advertising Simple with Our Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform for companies looking to expand due to its enormous audience of over two billion monthly users, sophisticated targeting capabilities, and various ad kinds.

The Facebook Ads Management services at IT Company Pakistan enable your company to maximise its Facebook exposure. We offer an all-in-one solution for Facebook advertising, from developing your strategy and ad creatives to launching your advertisements and tracking their effectiveness.

More Potential Leads, More Sales with Facebook Ads

Store Sales
Increase Store Sales

Make it simpler for consumers to access and share information about your company, and increase foot traffic.

Produce Leads
Produce Leads

Locate your ideal customers and give them enticing deals or information about your company.

Online Sales
Grow Online Sales

Find new clients and strengthen connections with those who will click through and make purchases.

Site and App
Promote your Site and App

Get the right audience to use your videos and app, and keep them interested.

New Product
Introduce a New Product

Create buzz about a new product or service and keep it going

Monitor conversions
Monitor conversions

You can track everything, including your campaigns' session, lead, purchase, call, and ROAS.

How We Manage Your Account

Facebook Account
Similar Audiences

We expand your lists to connect with Facebook users who share your interests.

Pixel Implementation

We make sure your Facebook pixel is set up and tracked properly.

Establish Remarketing

We help you reconnect with previous site visitors.

Intuitive Product Ads

Display product advertising to those who have visited your product pages.

Ad Budget Management

We manage your expenditures with an emphasis on ROI.

Establish Distinct Audience

We upload your customer lists so you may target or block them.

Facebook Ad Analaytics

We monitor, analyse, and report on your advertising accounts.

Facebook Marketing Services from IT Company Pakistan

We provide high-quality material for your Facebook page to expand your fan base, boost engagement, and broaden your reach.

Advanced Ad Technology

We assist you in putting advanced accounts' ad tech into practice.

Budget Control

We control your budget with an emphasis on ROI

Marketing Reports Every Month

Utilise monthly marketing reports and analytics to increase Reach and Impressions.

Create a Specific Audience

Your consumer lists are uploaded by us so that they may be targeted or excluded. Show product advertisements to those who have visited your pages with dynamic product ads. Expand your Network and contact people on Facebook who are similar to your lists.


Allow Our Marketing Professionals to Make Your Campaign Dreams a Reality

With IT Company Pakistan's Facebook Ads Management, you get:

Account Management Specialist

A qualified facebook ad manager serving as your campaign's primary point of contact will enable you to obtain reports with quicker responses to your inquiries and campaign updates.

No-cost Analysis

Examine the score and section of your Facebook page, and then create it with your target market in mind. Ensure your profile is complete and your page is in the appropriate category.

Create Custom Audiences

With personalised advertising, we help you fragment your audience for better targeting. Improve sales and income throughout the board.

Frequent Marketing Reports

Your facebook ads manager will contact you or send you emails with campaign reports that include costs, outcomes, action plans for the following month, and recommendations for tweaks to your marketing approach.

Monitor conversions

You can track everything, including your campaigns' session, lead, purchase, call, and ROAS.

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Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

Facebook ads are easy to utilise and can reach consumers even before they are conscious of their needs in the early stages of the purchasing process. Additionally, it results in an instant spike in website traffic, which is good for SEO.

They do, for sure. Nevertheless, you must make sure your advertisements serve the proper purpose and that your metrics are accurate. Facebook offers some of the most precise and affordable pay-per-click advertising currently accessible online. You can utilise advertisements to increase brand recognition and generate traffic, but you may need to change your approach using different Facebook organic reach strategies.

Once you set up your ad targeting, you can not control where exactly your ads appear. However, Facebook has a fantastic feature where you can review the list of URLs where your ads have appeared. Moreover, Facebook recommends updating this list every 30 days by blocklisting those URLs you do not want your ads to appear.

The methods used by Facebook and Google Ads to target consumers differ somewhat. Google bases its targeting on what users are now entering in the search bar (as well as demographics). You may target more individuals with Google advertisements based on their urgent needs. Instead of Facebook advertisements where you are targeting people who are interested in tennis, they may be searching for the "lowest discounts on tennis rackets." Facebook selects users based on the interests listed in their profiles. They usually have a lower cost per click, while Google ads may allow you to target customers who are more likely to make a purchase.